Do I need to fundraise as well as buying a ticket?

Your registration fee covers your participation and the costs of the event - including event logistics, entertainment, signage, traffic management, toilets and security. It does not include a donation to Cancer Council. Fundraising, in addition to purchasing a ticket, is what makes a real difference. It will go towards Cancer Council’s lifesaving cancer research, prevention, advocacy and support services.

When is Cancer Council 7 Bridges Walk on and what time does it start?

The 2019 Cancer Council 7 Bridges Walk will be held on Sunday 27 October 2019. The course opens at 7:30am and closes at 4:30pm. We recommend if you wish to complete the entire 28km course to start your walk before 11am. Registered participants commencing the event before 7.30am or completing the event after 4.30pm will not be considered a participant in 7 Bridges Walk outside those course open hours.

When can I register for the event?

Registrations are now closed for 2019. You can register your interest for 2020 here.

How much does it cost to enter this event?

To participate in the Cancer Council 7 Bridges Walk adults can register online for Early Bird $50 + BF (available for a limited time) / General Admission $70 + BF (incl GST). Children under 16 years can participate for free, but must be registered. You can register at Milsons Point, Pyrmont or on your phone at any Village on the day of the event to walk for $85 (incl BF + GST). All registration fees are non-refundable, and are not a donation to the Cancer Council.

Your registration fee pays for the cost of staging the event - including event logistics, entertainment, signage, traffic management, toilets and security. So we encourage everyone to make their walk count and fundraise for a cancer free future.

Can I register to do the walk on the day?

Yes at Milsons Point or Pyrmont or via your phone at any Village, however we highly recommend you register to participate in the Cancer Council 7 Bridges Walk prior to the day via the online booking system on this website. Registering prior to the event day will save you money on your registration fee.

What do I do if I have not received my registration receipt / ticket?

Your registration receipt will have come from our ticketing agent, Humanitix. Please ensure you check your Junk Email Box as the confirmation emails may have been sent there by email filters. If you are still unable to find your order confirmation, please contact Humanitix to have it resent to your email. You can contact Humanitix on 02 9986 2635 or email

Can I change my starting Village or time?

Yes, depending on availabilities you are able to update your starting Village and/or time. To request a change please contact Humanitix and quote your order number. You can contact Humanitix on 02 9986 2635 or email

How can I keep updated?

We will be emailing you event updates and information about the course in the lead up to the event. We also have a Facebook page so like us on Facebook for ongoing updates or email us at

What is an Event Guide?

It is an information booklet that you will collect at the Village you choose to start from. The Event Guide will include the event passport, course information, as well as a course map. You can collect a stamp at each bridge you pass over to signify you have visited that particular point and at your starting village when you complete the full course. It will also be your ticket to the free event buses circulating around the course.

Where do I go to collect my Event Guide?

You can collect your Event Guide by showing your registration ticket at the entry point at any of the six Villages between the hours of 7.30am until 4.30pm.

Can I participate as part of a team?

Yes, we encourage this! You can select to sign-up as team during registration. You can also create a team after sign-up from your fundraising dashboard, simply click "Create Team" and follow the prompts. Remember to share your team link and ask your friends to join.

Which villages have nearby accommodation if I am travelling from interstate?

Milsons Point and Pyrmont villages are the nearest to hotel accommodation. 

I would like to train for the event. Is there a training guide?

Yes, you can following the training guide developed by our friends at Can Too here.


What is the fundraising component of this event?

Your registration fee covers your participation in the event and the costs of managing and putting on the Cancer Council 7 Bridges Walk event. It does not include a donation to Cancer Council. You can raise funds which will go towards research, prevention and support services for people affected by cancer. This year, online fundraising pages will be automatically set up during registration. You can register and set up a page here

If you have already bought a ticket, you can create a fundraising page here.

How much of the money raised will go to Cancer Council?

100% of money raised goes to Cancer Council, so make your walk count and fundraise for a cancer free future. This year we will be making it easier to raise funds by creating online fundraising pages for everyone during registration.

Cancer Council volunteers will also be taking donations at the Villages on event day. For more information on how your funds have been put to work visit

All registration fees go towards Cancer Council to cover the cost of the event.

Can I donate to Cancer Council on the day of the event?

If you wish to donate to Cancer Council on the day, you can do so by cash or by tapping your credit card at all Villages.

Can my friends sponsor me?

Yes, simply send them the link to your online fundraising page.

When do the online fundraising pages close?

Fundraising pages will stay open until 30 November 2019. You are welcome to send through additional donations directly to Cancer Council after this time. Please send to: Attn: 7 Bridges Walk Team, Cancer Council, PO Box 816, POTTS POINT NSW 1335.

How do I join an existing fundraising team?

There are many ways to join a fundraising team, depending on whether or not you have purchased a ticket.

 If you already have a ticket:

  1. You can ask the team captain (the person who created the team) to invite you via their team dashboard.
  2. Or you can search for the team page at, click on the team page and select ‘Join Us’. (If this button is not showing then ask the team captain to change to 'allow anyone to join team' in the team dashboard).

 If you don't have a ticket:

  1. Register and purchase your ticket(s) for 7 Bridges Walk.
  2. During registration, make sure you select ‘I want to join an existing team'.
  3. Once you have purchased your tickets you will be will sent to the ‘Join a team’ page. Search for the team name and select ‘Join Team’.

I shared my fundraising page on Facebook and it prompted me to add a donate button, should I use this?

When sharing on Facebook you may be prompted to add the donate button to your post. We recommend you do not accept this and cut and paste your message only. This is because Facebook donations are handled and held by a third party, so we can’t sync these donations with 7 Bridges Walk due to limitations with the Facebook Donate functionality. Given these limitations, we advise you not to use the Facebook Donate button to raise funds. Any donations through Facebook Donate feature won’t show on your official fundraising page.

Can I edit my online page?

Yes, you can edit both your individual or team page through your dashboard by logging in.

To edit your personal page, select 'My Page' and then 'Edit My Page' to edit.  To edit your team page, select 'My Team' and then 'Team Page Settings' to edit.


How will I know where the course is?

You need to collect your Event Guide when you scan your ticket at one of the six Villages on event morning. The Event Guide will contain important event information as well as a course map. There will also be event signage and volunteer course marshals along the route to point you in the right direction. The course will follow a similar route to last year, except around the Callan Park area in Rozelle. Please see the Course Map.

Do I need to walk in a certain direction?

Yes, the course is set up for you to walk in a clockwise direction only to assist in safely managing the flow of walkers. People walking in an anti-clockwise direction will be classed as non-participants.

Do you have any tips on walking the course?

Please look out for other people on the course route, i.e. the general public and bike riders. Please keep to the left to allow others to pass.

What is the accessibility and difficulty of the course?

In organising this event we have made every effort to ensure the course is as accessible as possible. Unfortunately due to the nature of some of the terrain, it is difficult to make the course completely accessible for everyone. Areas to consider include:

  • Access from Sydney Harbour Bridge to the south (onto Cumberland Street, The Rocks) (stairs)
  • Access to Rozelle Village (moderate descending hill through Callan Park)
  • Access from Gladesville Bridge to the west (stairs)
  • Access from Figtree Bridge (stairs), then onto a steep hill
  • Steep ascending hill in Riverview Street just after Burns Bay Reserve
  • Access to Gore Creek Reserve from the west (steep and uneven stairs down to bush track)
  • Access to Tambourine Bay Reserve from the west (bush track)

Please refer to the Course Map for the location of stairs and inclines around the course.

The north side of the course from Hunters Hill Village through to Milsons Point Village is considered to be a Medium Grade Walk and includes a number of hills/sleep inclines.

Please enquire at the Information Booth at each Village for more information as you make your way around the course.

We suggest that participants who wish to use a stroller or pram or are in a wheelchair, have someone to assist them through their journey and investigate the various areas of the course where they would like to travel.

What if I can't walk the entire 28km, is there transport available?

This event is for everyone so you can start and finish wherever you like. When you register online you will need to nominate which of the six Villages you would like to start at. For your convenience, event partner Transport for NSW is providing frequent free event buses to run in both directions around the course to transport you between Villages or back to your starting point. All you need to do is show your Event Guide. Check the event map inside your Event Guide for bus stop locations. You can also stop at the closest Village and enquire at the Information Booth for local transport information.

Where are the course bus stops located?

The free event bus service provided by Transport for NSW will run from Milsons Point in both a clockwise (c) and anti-clockwise (a) directions around the course, so look out for a bus stop on either side of the road. You can also check the event map inside your Event Guide for bus stop locations. The first buses leave Milsons Point at 8.30am and the last buses leave at 4.30pm. Buses will run approximately every 20 minutes in the morning and every 15 minutes in the afternoon.

Bus Stops (clockwise)

Milsons Point Outside Milsons Point Village on Alfred St South outside Milsons Point Train Station
King Street, Wollstonecraft Opposite side of the road to Wollstonecraft Village (Brennan Park)
River Road, Greenwich On northern side of River Road, opposite Greenwich Hospital
River Road west, Blaxlands Corner On northern side of River Road, near William Edward Street
Burns Bay Road, Linley Point On western side of Burns Bay Road opposite intersection of View Street
Burns Bay Road, Hunters Hill On the northbound exit ramp to Church Street
Victoria Road, Drummoyne Near Lyons Rd, outside the Drummoyne Post Office
Victoria Road, Rozelle At Toelle Street
Pirrama Road, Pyrmont Opposite Pyrmont Village, outside The Star

Bus Stops (anti-clockwise)

Milsons Point Alfred Street south opposite side of the road to Milsons Point Train Station
King Street, Wollstonecraft Outside Wollstonecraft Village (Brennan Park)
River Road, Greenwich On southern side of River Road, outside Greenwich Hospital
River Road west, Blaxlands Corner On southern side of River Road, near William Edward Street
Burns Bay Road, Linley Point On eastern side of Burns Bay Road, south of intersection of View Street
Burns Bay Road, Hunters Hill On the southbound exit ramp to Church Street
Victoria Road, Drummoyne Near Lyons Road, outside the Drummoyne Post Office
Victoria Road, Rozelle At Terry Street
Pirrama Road, Pyrmont Outside Pyrmont Village

Is there more than one way to walk the course?

In some cases, there are different ways of navigating through areas of the course which may be slightly shorter than the mapped 7 Bridges Walk route. The 7 Bridges Walk route has been mapped out to provide participants with a safe pedestrian route through all areas whilst seeing some of the best parts of Sydney. There are two decision points along the course giving participants different walking options in some areas. One route may be slightly shorter and more or less accessible.

What are the decision points?

There are two points on the course where the course splits and you have to choose which option you would like to walk:

  1. Decision point at Riverview Street/ Tambourine Bay Road, Riverview

    Choice of either taking the bushwalk dirt track through Tambourine Bay Reserve (mobility restricted & grade medium) or to continue along the footpath via Flaumont Avenue and Carranya Road to Warraroon Road (accessible). The bush track is approximately 300m longer.

  2. Decision point at Lane Cove Village

    Choice of either taking the bushwalk dirt track through Gore Creek Reserve (mobility restricted & grade medium) or continue along the footpath by crossing Northwood Road onto River Road, following course signs to re-join with the bushwalk route at Gore Street (accessible). Both routes are approximately the same distance.

Why do I have to finish in a Village?

This is the point at which you registered and started so to fully complete the 28km course you must finish where you started. If you don’t finish at your starting Village you cannot receive your Completed stamp.

I didn’t feel like eating the food on offer in the Villages. Can I go to a local café and then rejoin the walk?

Yes, we encourage you to experience local cafes and takeaways in the communities we pass through.


Can I run in this event?

No. The Cancer Council 7 Bridges Walk is purely a walking event and does not accommodate any running. There are no major road closures for this event so everyone is to abide by normal pedestrian road rules. With everyone on footpaths abiding by the road rules and potentially a lot of people walking the course, trying to run through the crowd and across roads is going to be dangerous to you, other participants and the general public.

Am I permitted to ride my bike, skateboard or rollerblades etc in this event?

No. This is a community event celebrating walking and supporting Cancer Council. There is plenty of time to comfortably complete the course so there is no need to be riding a bike, skateboard or rollerblades etc. Due to the hazardous and dangerous nature of bikes, skateboards, rollerblades and any other moving equipment, people with any of the above will not be considered as participants in the 7 Bridges Walk.


Will the event be cancelled if it is raining?

No, the event will not be cancelled should the weather be wet. We do, however, advise that walkers bring wet weather gear should the weather forecast be for rain.

Will water be available throughout the course?

Yes, at each of the six Villages there will be water stations for you to fill your own drink bottles. Additional water stations between villages are marked on the Course map. There will also be food stalls at each Village where you will be able to purchase cold drinks. As this is not a competition you are able to leave the course for a break, lunch or to fetch a drink at anytime and rejoin the course at a later time.

How long do you think it will take?

For a fit and active person to walk the course at a continuous brisk pace it will take about 4.5 to 5 hours. For someone with a moderate fitness level and/or stopping for breaks along the way it could take 6 - 8 hours. Each Village will have a map showing where you are and the distance to the next Village. Distances will also be noted in the Event Guide. If you are attempting to complete the entire course, we strongly recommend that you start prior to 11am in order to finish before the 4.30pm course and Village closure. 

What should I bring on the day?

Bring the "PDF Ticket" that was emailed to you after registration. You can either print this or present it on your phone at the event. Presenting this will also allow you to receive your Event Guide and therefore access the free event buses. We also recommend that you bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and wet weather gear if it is likely to rain. Bring a refillable water bottle and wear appropriate clothing, including footwear, to participate in the walk.

How do I get there with public transport? 

Leave the car at home and catch public transport to the 7 Bridges Walk. 

For all the information on how to get public transport to your starting Village visit

The nearest public transport stops to the Villages are as follows:

  1. Milsons Point Village - Milsons Point Train Station
  2. Pyrmont Village - The Star Light Rail Station, Pyrmont Bay Light Rail Station
  3. Rozelle Village - Bus stops on Victoria Road (various routes)
  4. Hunters Hill Village - Bus stops on Burns Bay Road (Route 530)
  5. Lane Cove Village - Bus stops on River Road West and Longueville Road (Route 254)
  6. Wollstonecraft Village - Waverton Train Station

Please note that trackwork is currently planned on Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink Intercity services as follows on Sunday 27 October:

  • T1 North Shore & Western Line - Buses replace T1 North Shore Line trains between Berowra and Gordon.
  • T9 Northern Line - Buses replace trains between Hornsby and Strathfield.
  • Central Coast & Newcastle Line - Buses replace trains between Newcastle Interchange and Central.
  • Hunter Line - Buses replace trains between Scone, Dungog and Newcastle Interchange.

What is available at each of the villages?

Each of the Villages will provide you information, first aid, water, toilets plus food, refreshments, entertainment and free sunscreen. 

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, dogs are welcome on the day, but must remain on a leash at all times, and please clean up any mess they make. Please note that dogs will not be permitted on the event buses (assistance dogs excepted).

Will I receive a certificate for participating in the Cancer Council 7 Bridges Walk?

Your Event Guide is your special keepsake from the day. Make sure to collect your bridge stamp at each of the bridges as you walk across and get your completed stamp when you arrive back at your starting village. Your completed stamp page signifies you have completed 7 Bridges Walk! 

How do I stay SunSmart? 

Historical average temperatures for late October are low of 14°C and a high of 22°C, along with sunny days. Start early to avoid the heat of the day. Remember to Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide. Click here for more information about sun protection. Cancer Council merchandise (hats, sunglasses, sunscreen) will be on sale at Pyrmont Village.

Is there parking available? 

There will be no designated parking available for the event, only local parking. We advise you to check local street signs surrounding Villages but they fill up quickly. We suggest using public transport to go to and from the event. Use your Opal Card as it only costs $2.80 (Gold Senior/Pensioner $2.50) for all day travel on Sundays!


Can I order merchandise online?

Yes, 7 Bridges Walk T-shirts are available to purchase online here. Don't forget, this year we are encouraging everyone to wear yellow in support of a cancer free future!