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  Virtual Wall of Hope  


In memory of my beautiful husband Chris who died 4 years ago and is dearly missed every day.

Brenda Mitchell

In honour of my Mum. It will be 10years at Christmastime. Miss you every day xxx

James family

I am walking in memory of my brother Thomas who passed away on 14th march this year. Miss u dear brother

Bob Gregory

I’m walking for our mum grandma and great grandma Who sadly passed away on the 23/ 9 / 2019 It’s just so hard with out not seeing you Our Love forever

Julie Mansfield

In memory of my great friends Alison and Liz - still sadly missed to this day.

Michelle Edgeley

I’m walking in honour of my mum who got Hodgens lymphoma 4 years ago my mum is an inspiration she is in remission and just turned 79

Elizabeth Da Rosa

I am walking in Honour Of My Uncle Jack... Who passed away on Wednesday 22-03-17 at 67 years old from Bowel Cancer... In Memory of those who have been affected in the past... To those affected in the present and to those affected in the future... I am walking and fighting for A CANCER FREE FUTURE... 💛


My family and I will be walking in honour of my sweet, beautiful Mum. She passed away last July 2018 and I miss her every day...

Julie-Anne Whitfield

I am walking for my big brother, taken too soon, suffered too much, and someone I miss everyday!!!

Karen Austin

I am walking on behalf of so many family members & friends 💔 my dad Brian, Mother-in-law Lyn, Aunty Joan, Aunty Kaye, Nana Eileen, friends Moira, Diane, YeeYee & David , Cousin Stuart, & even our Dog Tiger But also celebrating my best friend Maxine who has just finished treatment for bowel cancer...& awaiting the final all clear 🙏.

Deborah and Shaun Rainford

Looking forward to walking 7 Bridges again this year. We’re walking in honour of my dad, Derek, who died 3 years ago from cancer of an unknown primary.

Sandra Williams

Doing the 7 Bridge walk I think will be a challenge , but nothing compared to the challenges people who are, or have battled cancer,and how it affects their families and friends as well .Looking forward to a fun day, seeing all the beautiful sights our city has to offer, while helping raise funds .

Vicki Bell

I'm walking in memory of all those I know who have lost their battles with cancer or who are bravely fighting it today

Corina Lynch - Team Walkin' for Rachel

My husband's sister passed away in July so we have a team to walk for Rachel. Rachel faught her cancer for 3.5 years and was a positive person until the day she died. We have hope that one day, no family or friend will have to say 'see you later' to their loved one.

Katie kagaras

It’s been 30 years in remission cancer free 🙏💯

Kerry Hartcher

I’ve lost many people to cancer, both young and old. So many beautiful souls taken way too soon. They don’t deserve that life, life is precious and if I can do just a little bit to help find a cure for cancer I make this my pledge to do so x


For my Mum, who's bravery as she battles melanoma is inspirational. It's a battle she will eventually lose, but she keeps a positive attitude every day and continues to support us in our lives regardless of her challenges. We all love you xx

Rifhat Jangir

In honour of my amazing father who passed away 4weeks ago from a very rare cancer we didn’t even know he had. I promise dad to continue all the great charity work you did and helped all the people you did in your lifetime

Lisa whetham

For my dad, my nana, my uncles and many more family and friends we have lost to this awful disease x

Matt Starr

Early detection is the key! #GetChecked#ProstateCancer

Scott Dilley



I am walking in honour of my beautiful daughter Rachel who lost her battle with neuroendocrine cancer in July this year at just 41 years of age.

Ngaire Callaghan

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” – Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank

A walk dedicated to my mum, passed away 4 years ago from pancreatic cancer. She never complained and was much loved especially by her 9 grandchildren who loved her hugs kisses and special treats whenever they came to visit


Walking for everyone who has been affected

Kazzy Hall

Walking in support of all who have been affected by this terrible disease

Alicia Fernandes

Walking for Mr S-your strength is inspiring!

Alicia Fernandes

Walking for Mrs S

Lu lu

In Memory of all Cancer Victims

Sue swan

Maureen And myself are doing the Bridges walk for our 7 th time love the views and the challenge to finish

Sue swan

We myself she and Maureen have done this walk 6 times and this year will be our 7 th walk so we have raised $700. For this walk and we just love the views and the challenges to finish.


To my dear friends to fight this battle.

Mickey & Dianna

Waking for a Cancer free future


Walking for Lou


Dad, you gave me hope every day. Lost you too early. I will be doing this walk for you. I will walk strong with Family and Friends around me.

Diana M

For a cancer free future :-)


To support everyone who battles, to celebrate everyone who won and to remember those who did not


For the challenge!

Vicky F

For a future free of cancer!!!

Lucy B

My Aunty Sarah