Shu’An Hu

19 days

We are officially 19 days away from the walk and I think I’m finally starting to feel jittery!

We had been training up slowly but surely, and I was quietly confident that we could hit at least 7km before the young one’s whinging would get to me, but a couple of weekends of dodgy weather (read: poor willpower) has pushed us back and now I’m starting to doubt our capabilities for the big day.

On the bright side, though, I’m humbled and encouraged by the support we’ve received to so many of you out there. A big shout out to Kavya, Lynn Forgie, Lim KM, Mandy Tang, Katherine Reid, Nathan You, Shuling Koh, SB Lim, Yvonne Chow, Victoria Jane, Dinukshi Daniels, Natalie Sarah, Lisa Love, Junko Keene, Lawrence and Shirley, Gum You, Steven You and Madeleine Hii. Thanks so much guys, for showing your love and support for Lexie and I, and for supporting The Cancer Council in the incredible work they do in the advocacy and research towards a cancer-free future.

Thanks to all the support received, I’ve managed to increase our target from $100, to $200, to $500, and as the day draws near, I’m taking a final leap of faith and setting it at a grand total of $1000. Together with the support of so many, we’ve already managed to raise a total of $775 so far, and I am so grateful for this.

Have you got a spare $5? Or possibly a bit more? Absolutely no amount is too small, and I’ll love to be able to reach our target to take this even further. More money means more research, more advocacy, and more support for the people who need it the most. We are sooooo close – can you help us get there?

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What have I gotten myself into?

Last Sunday we walked to the closest shopping centre. 

This meant a 6km round-trip, and truth be told, I wasn’t sure the little one would make it. 

To my surprise, the walk there was almost a breeze. There was no bathroom breaks, only one snack break, and absolutely no whinging. 

Unfortunately, after a quick play at the playground and grabbing a bite, the walk home was not the same. Lexie was grumpy, tired, and complaining that her toes, legs and finger (?!) were all aching. Slowly but surely, made it home after the promise of an icy pole, the temptation of a warm bath, and when all else failed, the enticement of enjoying the icy pole IN the warm bath. 

Amidst the surliness on the journey back home, one thought plagued my mind - “What have I gotten myself into?” 😖 


Distance: 6.2km

Time: 2.5 hours 

Lessons learnt: Bring more snacks. Expect whinging and make space for it. Distraction is the key.   


Please consider showing us some love and supporting The Cancer Council by donating here:

No contribution is too small and every dollar will get us closer to brighter future. 

It’s official!

It’s official ... we are doing this! 

After being emotionally plagued by Lexie’s words, “But who is going to care for the little children with cancer if we don’t do this?”, I’ve agreed to join forces with my little lady to conquer the 7 Bridges Walk this year. 

Here are a couple of FAQs we’ve faced while toying with this idea.

Will this be your first long-distance walk together? 

Yes. And hopefully not our last! I’m hoping that this can set the precedence for our future years together, to be able to engage in something healthy and build on our relationship, especially when little Miss Lexie decides that hanging out with Mum isn’t a cool thing to do anymore.

Are you going to make it through all 7 bridges? 

I do hope so but I also want to set up realistic expectations for my five year old. We’ve spoken about pushing ourselves to the limit, remembering that pain is temporary, but quitting is forever (Lance Armstrong), but at the same time, I’m also reminding ourselves that making it past anything more than one bridge is already an achievement. Most importantly, we are hoping to raise some funds for The Cancer Council through this whole experience so please make our pain worth the while! 

Are you crazy to drag your little five year old along for such a long walk? 

Perhaps! However, I’m also confident that by the end of the whole experience, we will live another day with a harrowing and possibly entertaining story to tell. I am also preparing appropriate bribes/rewards along the way to get us as far as we feasibly can. 

We are also preparing for this walk by training up gradually, and hopefully by the 27th of October, I will be able to get Lexie from the train station to the starting point (a 7 minute walk) without any whinging. 

Are you (both) very fit? 

No way! I wish I was, but unfortunately, I’ve let sloth get the better of me. I am hoping to be at least slightly fitter by the end of this experience. Lexie does a recreational gymnastics lesson once a week, but apart from that, most of her calories are probably burnt from chasing her little brother around the house. So, no. Neither of us are overly fit. 

What can we do to support you?

Please donate generously to support The Cancer Council in the work they do in research, advocacy and support. We will be more than happy for donations of any amounts, so please pop your loose change in the (metaphorical) hat; absolutely no amount is too small. 

And if you’re so inclined, we will love prayers for good health and great weather for the day itself (nothing more than 24 degrees will be ideal because my irritability level increases exponentially after that). And please also pray that Lexie and I will learn positively from this experience, and be more aware of those around us who are struggling, be it physically, mentally or emotionally, from the effects of this wretched disease. 

I’m walking for a cancer free future

I’m taking on the 7 Bridges Walk on Sunday 27 October and will be uniting with the community to walk 28km around Sydney Harbour.

Every year in NSW alone, more than 46,000 new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed and the impact on families, carers and communities is significant.

Please sponsor me and help those affected by cancer. Every step counts because all funds raised will help Cancer Council work towards the vision of a cancer free future. Thank you for your support!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Howard And Phoebe



Go for it girls!!! Proud of you both



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Gum You


Mum And Dad

Yes you can!


Shu’an Hu


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