Helen Zordan-Hughes

I’m walking for a cancer free future

OK everybody – it’s time to “SHINE 4 ALLANAH” !! 

Get your Blue Suede Shoes on (or your Nikes etc) and let’s dance and sing (or just walk) to raise money to find a cure for this hideous disease. 

Allanah devoted so much of her time to raising money for a cure for cancer. 

One of the last things we were planning to do with our beautiful friend was the 7 Bridges Walk on 28 October last year – devastatingly we did not get to do this.

So a pact was made that every year we would walk in Allanah’s honour and try to continue her legacy – for a little lady she has left very big steps to fill !

If you would like to join us or donate please go to -   https://www.7bridgeswalk.com.au/fundraisers/allanah

Thank you to my Sponsors


Lee Falappi


Leah Cassar

Memories will never fade when friendships last forever


Alison Steele

Lani would be proud - good luck lovely x


Nikola Colusso

This is an amazing thing to do in her memory, go you girls xx


Rebecca Quinlan

Such a wonderful way to honour her xx