Helen Taukave

I've conquered for Cancer Council

Swapped the serene for the noise

On the 7 walk challenge, I discovered yesterday that there are routes as suggestions with gorgeous views and beautiful surroundings, I'm super glad I didn't discover this before I started.

Why you ask? Anyone who knows me well knows that I love capturing every moment....and could you imagine How'd distracted I'd be? I wouldn't be home until dinner time hehe

Because I'm doing this walk solo, I didn't want to get carried away by the beauty of the atmosphere but wanted to research a route that's going to be 28km, around 15km each way and locations I have a connection too.

The Peach Park in Sutherland is one of the places where I went to when my husband was overseas (due to a bungled visa a few years back in 2017) in Fiji to talk to God after I spent awhile working on paperwork, it was my time to shut the world out for abit and feel that peace. It also is a reflection on where we should sit when we lose so many loved ones so close....that peace that they have peace in heaven (without pain). The name of the park is so symbolic and special for me for that reason.

Kurnell is my second home of late doing outrigging as a sport but I didn't want to go at the heart of Kurnell (too much scenery) so the skate park was totally random but one where the road feels neverending to go reach the backend of Cronulla and hit the roads leading to Sutherland. Seeing people in cars will reinforce for me the accountability for others. This walk isn't about a fitness journey, I'm far from 'fit' but the many people that walk by me, drive by me who are suffering in silence...the noise and the traffic I will pass is symbolic to the people like my loved ones who had that head noise of not wanting to go on and feeling the pain during the struggle.... It's definitely no comparison but to me its a way to say thank you. Thank you for never giving up. Thank you for being such a warrior in your fight. Thank you for shutting down the noise and making sure that every little bit of life was valuable because every loss, you taught me that. Your strength is inspiring!

Thank you Nanna Talione. Thank you my aunties Marie, Tusalava, Lefige, Nive, Lovine, Fetalaiga. Thank you my uncle's Senio and Willy. Thank you my cousins Rosina and Lucy. Sandra...your legacy continues.
Thank you to my hero good friends Eugene and Aunty Sene who have conquered and inspiring.
Thank you to my incredible Godmum Leah and Aunty Tessa as well as Warren and family friend Ave for showing resilience and grace with your battle and smiling down at the road ahead with purpose. 

This walk is for you!!!! Thank you for the love and support so far! 
Swapping the serene for the noise has been the best decision. 

Two more sleeps! Lesssssgo!

God bless you all.
Thanks for reading x 

I’m walking for a cancer free future

I’m taking on the 7 Bridges Challenge this October and will be joining thousands as we conquer 28km for a cancer free future!

It’s more important than ever to come together this year to raise funds for people impacted by cancer. Every year in NSW alone, more than 47,000 new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed and the impact on families, carers and communities is significant.

Recently, I lost my beautiful aunty Marie to cancer. Nearly a month before that, another Aunty Nive had lost her fight with the disease and my brother's mother in law Sandra who was an aunty to my kids and my siblings kids too. 

In 2006, I lost the first loved one that was so close to me to cancer, our beautiful Nana Talione. Her loss was such a devastation, and the very first time I experienced losing a loved one so close and losing a loved one who meant the world to me to cancer.

 Ever since Nanna past,  so many loved ones have died from cancer.... My father in law Tuatoko, Aunty Tusalava, Aunty Lefige, Uncle Willy, Aunty Lovine, my cousins Lucy and Rosina, Uncle Senio and so fourth.

Please sponsor me and help those affected by cancer. Every step counts because all funds raised will help Cancer Council work towards the vision of a cancer free future. 

Although, I've lost so many loved ones to cancer this is in honour of the close 12 loved ones that departed from Cancer and those who are still fighting like my Aunty Tessa and a super dooper close someone that never ever wants to make a fuss about her and has kept her diagnosis quite who is smiling along and being optimistic about things despite her ongoing treatments too...and others we know! Just know, we are still praying for you and know, God is with you wholeheartedly and we are still cheering you on for an absolute turn around! :)  I know $1200 is abit far fetched especially during this season of uncertainty but my goal is to raise at least $100 in honour of every person I've lost recently and in the past who has made an impact on my life as a way of honouring them. 

Walking from Greenhills skate Park, Kurnell to Peace Park, Sutherland to Greenhills Park again which is abit over 28km.

Thank you for your support! God bless you all. Ready to combat 28km! Xx ❤️🙏🏾😇

Thank you to my Sponsors


Sharna Feaunati


Daphne Feaunati



Iva Tams


Mum And Aunty Elisapeta

Love you baby God is with you so proud of you baby. Me and aunty Elisapeta praying for you. Thank you for loving your family like this baby for cancer. Love you so much


Lotsalove Lisa & Vinny

Very best of luck on your walk, Inspiring Effort @hellava sounds. May God guide you safely during the journey.


Risati Moila

All the best cuz.


Daphne Feaunati

Love you cuz ❤️❤️


Taukave Family ??

We love you mummy!!!! Love you lots ❤️❤️❤️


Tupe & T?ga’i Feaunati

My Dad and me are very humbled for the gesture cuz, we appreciate it and you so much! Love and miss you so much Mum💔 All the best cuz we love you ❤️


Jules And Kolose Feaunati

Very proud of you Helen. Thank you for making such a significant gesture. Love to you and our thoughts are with you on the day. Jules, Kolose, Zac and Lili


Rugbytots Brisbane

Great work Aunty Love you from Rugbytots Brisbane Eli and Lily


Ruth Toomalatai

Love you cous!


Aunty Peta And Mum

You . Amazing lady niece Helen God bless you love you from me . Fh dfy and mum love you baby


Elise Blackley

Good on you Helen, you can do it xx



God bless you Mrs T. You are an absolute champion and inspirational for our church fam. Praying for Jesus power in those feet on the day 🙏💪


Emma Whawell

You are amazing!! Such a great cause.




Sara Davies

Proud of you 💓💓


Annarosa Paselio

Good on you cuz!! ❤️ Goodluck on the walk! xx


Theresa Paselio

Goodluck for your walk cuzzzy :) Love always me and Tayfun xx


Pouono Faamatala

God job Helen. Alofa atu, Taavale & Anita



Best wishes and good on you.


Nikki Flory

Goodluck Helen! Hope the weather is good for you! Much love to you and your family ❤