Gaby Boulos

I've conquered for Cancer Council

I’m walking for a cancer free future

I’m taking on the 7 Bridges Walk on Sunday 22 October 2023 to raise funds for the Cancer Council and all people affected by cancer. I will be uniting with my legendary friends Claudia, Claudette and other fellow walkers to walk 28km around Sydney Harbour.

I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in 2021 and following treatment was thankfully deemed clear of the cancer in 2022. Thyroid cancer is on the rise and seems to be affecting more and more young women. Although I am one thyroid lighter and clear of the disease so far, the impact from fighting it and multiple surgeries in a year is lifelong, with ongoing physio, rehab, medical check ups, thyroid replacement medication and secondary issues.

I have always loved being active: dance, netball, paddle boarding, hiking and walking. Although I may look the same, the things I love now cause pain, take a lot of planning and recovery time, or simply cannot be done. This walk is a massive physical challenge for me and I may not be able to finish the whole 28km but I aim to walk as far as I can. 

Every year in NSW alone, more than 53,000 new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed and the impact on families, carers and communities is significant. 

Please sponsor me and my team 'Cee Gee Kee 2023', every step counts because all funds raised will help Cancer Council NSW work towards the vision of a cancer free future.

Thank you for your support!

So far this year I’ve helped provide:

230 kids with a SunSmart education


157 calls to trained cancer professionals on 13 11 20


47 days of a PHD student’s world-class research

Thank you to my Sponsors


Magdy Ramzy

Proud of you Gaby


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Go girl!!! Proud of you sweetie!!!





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The Denton Family Matched Donations

Thank you for supporting people impacted by cancer.


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Great Gaby with love Vics, Marc and Will


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Love you gaby!! You are a legend ❤️


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Gaby, you are an inspiration - a fighter who, no matter what, is always smiling! So proud of you!!!!


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You are forever an inspiration 💛💙💛💙


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Good luck Gabs - your commitment to helping others while still recovering yourself is inspiring! 💜


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The Denton Family Matched Donations

Thank you for supporting people impacted by cancer.


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Good on you Gaby! Go for it!! xxx


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All these to this wonderful cause



Well done, Gabs. So much love, Ariane xx


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So proud of you ! You are a superstar. GO GABSTER !


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What an absolute rockstar you are, Gaby! So, so inspired by your strength and kindness for others 🤍



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Go Gaby, I struggled to do a three kilometre dementia walk earlier this year so I admire your effort. Lorraine


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You are an absolute ray of sunshine my girl! So so proud of you. You've got this!



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Go Gaby! Your strength and resilience is endlessly inspiring xxxx


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Hi Gaby, Great you are walking for this cause. Hope it goes well and you raise these such valuable funds. Nicole xx


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You are an inspiration. Enjoy life surrounded by your loved ones.


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