Emily France

I've conquered for Cancer Council

I’m walking for a cancer free future

Bowel Cancer isn’t one you hear a lot about. When a cause is resorting to a slogan like “join the bowel movement” you know they’re having issues with cut-through.

Like so many families, mine has been impacted numerous times by this invisible illness and led to the deaths of many. Pictured here are three of the closest to my heart; my grandmas Ilo and Gill, and my uncle David.

 Like most events this year, the cancer council has had to pivot in how they execute fundraising, so in 2020 the annual 7 Bridges Walk will take a different format. Mum and I will be continuing this tradition by walking the equivalent 28km next Friday; which, if you do the maths, is a lot of hours for her to listen to stories about chihuahua tiktoks, reality tv and QandA 😬

 This year has hit a lot of people hard financially, but if you are in a position to contribute to this cause, know your dollars are going toward a charity that supports individuals and families living with a whole range of cancers.

 Em x

Thank you to my Sponsors


Malcolm France

Thinking of Jill, Ilo and David.


Barbara France

Thanks for agreeing to be my walking buddy again for this challenge and also the fundraising. Xx


Ian And Helen Woods


Rae Smith

Good on you both. I hope you can also help them cut through 😁


Elizabeth Woods

You are amazing Em. A wonderful tribute to your grandmothers and uncle



Really proud of you Em x


Cammie Rice

Go Em!


Chris Duggan

Go get it Em!


Kenzie Rice

Go Emily! So proud of you xx


Emily France


Michael Musgrave

All for a good cause. And you roped your mother into doing the hard yards too. I’m sure you’ll reach your target.


Becky Sandanam




Mollie Cross


Mija Antonelli


Melanie Scully

Good work Em, hope your steps lead to a lot of funds raised for a very worthy cause x