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I've conquered for Cancer Council

There must be another way.

Earlier this year, Adriano’s dad bravely lost  his battle with cancer. The months leading up to it was a whirlwind of emotions and tireless days and nights. It is not my place to delve in deep, but put briefly, perceptions change. Places I once held fond memories are now places I dread to go. The mundane beeps of everyday machinery triggers heart-wrenching  feelings, the scent of sterilisation becomes unbearable and the definition of pain adopts multifaceted meanings. 

Whether distant or direct, too many of us have had some experience with this illness and the inescapable sense of helplessness and inevitable questioning of why there isn’t another way.

There must be another way. 

This year, I will, along with the rest of the Derossi family, be part-taking in the 28km long, Cancer Council 7 Bridges Walk to raise funds for a cancer free future. To my family and friends, I encourage you all to participate if possible or help me make a difference by raising funds for research, prevention and support. 

Cancer does not discriminate, the efforts to rid of this illness is in all of our hands.

Thank you.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Belle Lee


Jacques K


Rice Kitchen Hunters Hill


Tassone Family



Known too many, some older, some too young. Condolences to the family and bless you all for putting in effort for the cause.



Amazing love this, good luck with the walk!! ❤️



What a great cause :) good luck with the walk!




Zac Robertson

For a good cause.


Kelly Zhong

Hope you walk/ run this with well with no injuries!! xx


Nicole Zhong


Virage Bosco

Great work belle ❤️


Kyle Chapman


Liam Power