You Wei Chung

19/9/19, Blog 3

So I was doing a collection spree. Now, me, Ethan and Dennis went out to the streets of Sydney collecting donations from buisnesses and locals, but we had no luck. But I remembered that I got some donation from the train, so we headed there. About $80 dollars collected total by the three of us.

Thanks to the people who donated!

 James Ma $104

Kenny Chung $54

Alvin Lai $52

Esther Chong $10

Helen Oh $52

Train Passengers $33

Tina and Joshua NZ $31

Joeyy Ho $5

Samuel Yii $52

This has been a great time for me, an achievement that is useful and helps people. Thanks to all that supported!

11/9/19, Blog 2

Thanks to all that donated :)

Karen She $5

Jessie Ng $52

Amanda Sin $52


Being 2nd in my team feels amazing, but I still am versing Melissa, who's our supervisor. Still $109 in 3 hours is amazing!

Love you all, especially anyone who reads this.


Youweiparra, YWC

My Story with the 7 Bridges Walk, Blog 1

I never expected to be where I am today. It all started by pure accident.

I was packing up my books into my locker, when one of my friends, Dennis to be exact, warmly greeted me to go in. This was a Charity Committee meeting, and I thought "Well, I might as well do this."

Now, I'm giving the last droplets of my time, soaked by exams, and other extra-curricular, just for the 7 Bridges Walk. I could be learning how to play the Guitar, or go on Instagram, but I'm spending whatever time I have left, weekdays and weekends, just for the Cancer Council.

Please sponsor me and help those affected by cancer. Every step counts because all funds raised will help Cancer Council work towards the vision of a cancer free future. Thank you for your support!

Thank you to my Sponsors


James Ma

Good job, You Wei, Keep it up


June Tham

You have done a good job You Wei!! Proud of you!


Kenny Chung

Glad to see your progress in life. Splendiferous achievement this year!


Alvin Lai

Great effort of you in participating this campaign. Will support you always and good lick.


Jessie Ng

You Wei, you maybe young but you have a big heart. Big things are built from little things and you are bridging these things together. Best of luck in your walk.


Amanda Sin

All the best for the run and do enjoy it. Good job for helping the Cancer Council.


Helen Oh

Good job You Wei. Keep it up!


Samuel Yii

Keep up the good work! Enjoy the walk!


Train Passengers


Tina And Joshua Nz

Good job You Wei. Support from New Zealand. Auntie Tina and your cousin Joshua.


Train Passengers 2


Abby Wong

Well done You Wei!


Kok Min Lim


Makie Mak

You Wei, you are great and have a kind heart! Doing a good deed! Jia you


Esther Chong


Joeyy Ho

Keep it up You Wei!!


Karen She