Leanne Gazzola

Finish line!

I've conquered 28km for Cancer Council

Live life to it’s fullest!

I’ve lost the two most important men in my life in the past two years...my husband and my dad...both to cancer.

Such a cruel disease that takes the beauty away from life. It makes you hold on to hope, pray for miracles, become desperate and sadly, so vulnerable and helpless. 

There is still not enough research done for certain cancers. So much still unknown as in the case of Michael’s cancer. Cholangiocarcinoma is an aggressive and awful cancer. You don’t realize you have it until it is too late.  We found out at the end of September 2017 while in Canada and within 10 months, Michael passed away. He fought desperately with everything he had. He wanted to live. He was the most wonderful, funny, considerate, kind, selfless, giving and loving person I have ever met.  It was heart breaking to see him go through it. He was such a warrior. So many operations and procedures,  tubes sticking out of his body... not once did he complain. Ironically it was his strength that kept us going. 

Then we have the man I have idolized all my life. All the qualities I described above of Michael, my dad shared. He was also the kindest, funniest, most selfless, generous, big hearted person in the world.  Always an incredible athlete, cancer took away his strength and ability to be mobile. It causes depression, frustration and helplessness. Your life is not in your control and there is nothing you can do. 

We can help, we can try to make a difference.  It has affected too many lives. Please join me, join us in this fight. ❤️

I’m walking for a cancer free future

I’m taking on the 7 Bridges Challenge this October and will be joining thousands as we conquer 28km for a cancer free future!

It’s more important than ever to come together this year to raise funds for people impacted by cancer. Every year in NSW alone, more than 47,000 new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed and the impact on families, carers and communities is significant.

Please sponsor me and help those affected by cancer. Every step counts because all funds raised will help Cancer Council work towards the vision of a cancer free future. Thank you for your support!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Philip Brake


Nilma Gazzola


Tam Stutchbury

All our love the Stutches from the sidelines.


Henry Gazzola


Jerry Talbot





Alison Brake


Chiara Rob


Loretto Woods

Thank you for doing this Leanne and I think about you and your Mother often


Claudia Perez


Jack Costello

We hope you reach your goal.


Marino Gazzola

In memory of Jenna!


Gloria Schemel