Janice and Geoffrey Le Meur

Walking for a cancer-free future

Janice and Geoffrey are taking on the 7 Bridges Walk on Sunday 27 October. That's a whopping 28km walk around Sydney Harbour!

In France, where Geoffrey is from, one in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer by the time they are 85. Cancer remains the leading cause of death.

In Malaysia, where Janice is from, cancer has a 60% mortality rate. Due to lack of awareness and access to cancer care in government hospitals, most patients only seek treatment when it's too late. 

In Australia, where we now live, every year in NSW alone, more than 46,000 new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed and the impact on families, careers and communities is significant.

But more than cold facts and statistics, it's knowing that someone close to you - a friend, a parent, a sibling, a partner, a son or daughter - will be battling, or has battled cancer. It's actually a personal fight for us. Both our fathers and Janice's sister were diagnosed with cancer, and thankfully won the battle! We will be walking for them, and for your dad, your mom, your uncle or your second cousin.

Please sponsor us and help those affected by cancer. Every step counts because all funds raised will help Cancer Council work towards the vision of a cancer-free future. Thank you for your support!

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Sanchay Agrawal

Thanks for taking the initiative and All the best to you guys!



Hey guys, so proud of you for embarking on this. really meaningful and best of luck for the walk! hugs!


Joe Fayyad

Great initiative for a worthy cause, good luck.


Geraldine Yip

THANK YOU for doing this!



Good luck! Thinking of you and thank you so much sis! Wish I were there too! Proud of you both!




Chin Ang Dang

"Great job!" Love from Mum & Dad


Jonathan Boyd

I'll meet you for a coffee when you walk through Drummoyne!


Lin Guo

Janice and Geoffrey, Really be proud of you. Will run in Beijing on 27 Oct to accompany and support you. Your friend, Guo Lin


Stefan Leijdekkers

Great cause and great walk! Have a good day out - good luck!


Robert Jennings

Hi Geff, it's Illa, sales person at ILSC. I was actually looking for donation opportunity today for celebrating my friend's Bday. His name is Rob Jennings so I have his name on here which doesn't really matter much :-) all the best and you two rock!


Min Chow

All the best !!!


Yee Harn Ng

Good luck with the walk! I'll dangle a nice cold drink at the end to get you across the line


Jonathon Booth


Selina & Christina

This is an awesome thing you're doing! So proud of the both of you and to our dads who beat cancer. I'm going to dedicate this to my father who fought like one tough mofo.


Emma Boyd-lambert

Good luck! Good cause. I’ll be keeping the table warm at the end with a refreshing bevvie. Emma



Good luck Janice and Geoffrey.....it's a long walk for a great cause.


Jessica Wee

All the best!!! Love from Jessica & Vincent x


Niall Toh

Good luck.................


Sameer Chopra

Well done Janice - super proud of my colleague


Mindy D

Add oil!!! Keep up the good work you two!


Jin M

For a good cause! All the best and 加油!


Chloe Le Chat

Happy walking


Be Toi

姐姐/哥哥, Keep fit & ready for the Big Walk! Good Luck to both of you. From : Forever yours, B. B. Toi🐭 💖💖💖


Elizabeth De Almeida




Linh Dang


Annabel James

Awesome work you two, really impressed that you're tackling 28kms not to mention the very important cause!


Faraz Korasani


Babu Vaidyanathan

Thank you for doing this and wish you all the best.


Jeff Chin

Great goal!


Susan Ducaud


Vesna Trajkovska


Kate Goodwin

This is a great cause Janice, best of luck!


Carrin Lau

Enjoy the walk. Have a blast!


Dang N Jennifer

Go for it. 加油


Adi Barmi


Craig Titchener

Cheers for doing this, guys!