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We're doing the 7 BRIDGES WALK again ! :D

Hi everyone ! laughing

Ruth and I are taking on the challenge and doing the 7 BRIDGES WALK again this year on Sunday 27 October. It will be a 28km walk around Sydney Harbour! Last year, our legs were 'basically spaghetti' by the end of the day. But, it was definitely a worthwhile and memorable experience, especially because of all the support we got from everyone.


This year I'm walking in the 7 Bridges Walk 2019 for my Grandpa.  I lost my Grandpa to Diffuse B Cell Lymphoma in 2017.  And honestly, there hasn't been a day that passes where he doesn't cross my mind. My family and I miss him every day.

Although cancer research has come so far, there is still so much we need to learn. Currently, in the vast majority of individual cases of Lymphoma, there is still no specific cause that can be identified.


According to the Cancer Council, '1 in 2 Australian men and women will be diagosed with cancer by the age of 85'. By this day and age, everybody knows someone that has been impacted by cancer.

So please sponser me and let's help those affected by cancer and work towards a cancer free future ! All funds raised will help Cancer Council with the amazing work they do in cancer research and with prevention and support programs. 

Thank you for your support! laughing

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Corinne Lee


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Go Corinne!!!



Good luck tomorrow!


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From Grandma


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Pray that more people will receive help as they go through a difficult journey in their lives



I used to walk with Grandpa in Hong Kong


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Good luck! :)


Brandon Bate

Great job on your near 7 hour walk today Corinne! Hopefully you ain't working tomorrow after that.


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