Andrew Loadsman

Finish line!

I've conquered 28km for Cancer Council

FINAL UPDATE - 31 October! Doubling up for the Cancer Council - "14 Bridges Walk" and October Challenge


After missing last year's event watching rugby in Japan (weren't those the days!), I’m once again taking on the 7 Bridges Challenge, but with a twist. It's a virtual event this year, so I'm doubling up to "14 Bridges", or at least 56kms.  The competitive side of me wants to get on the fundraising leaderboard again :)

The only proviso is that with working from home, some major work due, and kids with all sorts of commitments, I'm allowing myself a week to crack the 56kms, and will try to do more... so feel free to sponsor by the km.

I'll also be trying to do as many kms as possible during the month of October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My ambitious goal is about 250kms. 

For those up for a supportive wager, one friendly punter challenged me at the start of the month: for every km under 250kms in October, I have to give $100 to a charity he nominates, and for every km over 250kms he has to give $10 ($10 only, asymmetric bet!) to a charity of my choice - which will be breast cancer research. 

I know it's pithy, but I've lost count of loved ones who have suffered from cancer - my wife, my Dad, an Uncle, my grandfather, several cousins... the list goes on (not to mention my regular skin cancers). The latest I'm aware of is a former work colleague about to start chemo for bowel cancer. Awareness, prevention, and early diagnosis is key, and a core plank of the objectives of the Cancer Council.

I'm also aware that it's been a tough financial year for many people - any and all donations much appreciated!


FINAL UPDATE - 31 October 2020

31 Days - 350.96kms

$10,700 for the Cancer Council

$1,010 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Thanks again to all of my extremely generous sponsors - I know there's lots of great, deserving causes.

A few people have asked why I try to do this every year. This time 15 years ago, my wife Venessa, was half way through her 6 cycles of chemo. Her immune system was shot, and she was given a brand new immune system boosting injection which allowed her to finish her chemo (small mercies there!). A couple of years before that, that drug effectively did not exist. 

A significant portion of cancer treatments are developed with private funding - every dollar helps support research, and equally importantly, prevention and early detection.

Thanks again.


PROGRESS UPDATE 3 - 25 October, 7 Bridges Virtual Walk Day

25 days, 304kms, including 15kms in the rain today!

Nearly $9000 raised for the Cancer Council, plus $540 so far for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Pyrmont Bridge is the Terry Loadsman Bridge today, thanks to the Cancer Council.

PROGRESS UPDATE 2 - 21 October

Short and sweet: 21 days, 254kms. NBCF is now "in-the-money"!

Thanks to the generosity of my sponsors, I'm almost at $8,000, and the Cancer Council has given me the honour of virtually renaming one of the 7 Bridges.

The Pyrmont Bridge (which crosses Darling Harbour) is old, low-profile, worked hard all its life, and continues to provide valuable service to its community. That's why on Sunday it will be known as the Terry Loadsman Bridge, in memory of my old man and my mate who passed away almost 10 years ago. He would have laughed at being called old, and would be embarrassed by any public recognition - otherwise the description suits him perfectly. A quiet contributor to the local Nowra community all his life.

Miss ya Dad!

PROGRESS UPDATE 1 - 12 October

Consider the 56km "14 Bridges Walk" complete under the rules I set (ie. 56kms in less than a week). I actually punched out just over 64kms Friday thru Sunday :)

In addition, and noting as explained above that I am also trying to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation via an "October Challenge". Target for the month is 250kms - as at today, I am already at 151kms. This is specific kms measured via Apple Watch and Strava and does not include any incidental walking - the Health app on my phone tells me I'm at 174kms. 

I've walked every day this month, and have the blisters to prove it. Please jump on and donate directly to the Cancer Council, or if you're keen, pls email or message me if you are able to support the October Challenge and the BCRF.

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Loadie, Great work again. We are proud to be involved as your sponsor. Team @ DTW Capital


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Go for it! We have too many friends contracting or succumbing to this disease.


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