We believe in a cancer free future. There are things that we can all do every day to help make this happen. Together with our volunteers, supporters, stakeholders and staff, we are committed to reducing the impact of cancer on individuals and the community, and to lessening the burden for people affected by cancer.

Every year in NSW alone, more than 47,000 new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed, and the impact on families, carers and communities is significant. Cancer Council is the only charity to work across every area of every cancer, from research to prevention and support. We help people from the point of diagnosis through to treatment and survivorship.

You can help support Cancer Council by registering for 7 Bridges Walk and raising funds with friends and family for a cancer free future.

How we put your funds to work:

With your help, here's what we achieved last year.

$16.8 million to Cancer Research

$16.8 million went towards cancer research, funding 218 researchers, 67 projects and 24 institutions.

84% Schools were SunSmart

84% of primary schools in NSW participated in our SunSmart Program, helping protect students from over-exposure to UV radiation.

20,833 Trips to Treatment

Our Transport to Treatment drivers made 20,833 trips to help cancer patients and carers get to treatment centres and hospitals.

$1,020,805 in Financial Support

$1,020,805 worth of financial assistance payments were made to help reduce financial stress for people affected by cancer.

17,797 Nights of Accommodation

17,797 nights of affordable accommodation, so that 2,082 cancer patients and carers could stay close to treatment centres.

10,870 Calls & Emails to 13 11 20

10,870 calls and emails were made to our 13 11 20 Information & Support Team.

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