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“I love 7 Bridges Walk and what it stands for. It’s about fun, fitness and securing a healthier life for all Australians. Cancer Council does such a wonderful job working towards a cancer free future and this is one way we can all work towards that goal together.”
Seven News Sydney Weather Reporter, Angie Asimus


What are you most excited for at Cancer Council's 7 Bridges Walk this year?

After two years of virtual events, what a thrill to be able to walk as a group this year. I’m looking forward to walking our beautiful Harbour Bridge but also discovering some news locations around our city.

How many years have you participated in 7 Bridges Walk?

This is my first year as an ambassador for the event and my first time taking part in the walk. I’ve often read the news on the day of the walk and thought how great it looked. I’m excited to be there in person this year.

Why did you decide to participate in 7 Bridges Walk?

My colleagues Mark Ferguson and Mel McLaughlin have spoken so highly of this event for years so I thought it’s time to get involved! Also both my parents have been impacted by cancer and are thankfully doing well now but it’s always in my mind that more money, research and awareness will help others too. 

Do you have any tips for the day?

Have fun and take as long as you need. Make a day of it! There are plenty of drink and snack stops along the way to refuel.

Why should the community get involved and fundraise?

How many of us know of someone who has been impacted by cancer? Too many. That’s enough inspiration for me to want to eliminate this disease from our lives in the future - even if it’s just one step at a time. 


"Battling cancer is really tough and raising money to fight cancer can be hard work as well. But 7 Bridges Walk makes fundraising so easy. All you have to do is get sponsored, then walk over, around and beside the best harbour in the world with family or friends. You will be doing so much good with each step so please get involved. I hope to see you there.”
Seven News Anchor, Mark Ferguson


What are you most excited for at Cancer Council's 7 Bridges Walk this year?

This is a really important year. After the pandemic got in the way – it will be wonderful to see the community join forces again and take on 7 Bridges Walk. We need as many people as possible to take part – to raise as much money as possible.

How many years have you participated in 7 Bridges Walk?
I have participated in 7 Bridges Walk since 2011.
Why do you participate in the 7 Bridges walk?

It's such a wonderful way to take in our beautiful city and do a little bit of exercise; all while raising lifesaving funds for a cancer free future. It's a great day out for the whole family.

Do you have any tips for the day?

Stay well hydrated, apply your sunscreen and hat, wear your most comfortable joggers and don't forget to look up and take in our fabulous city.

7News has supported the event for many years, what's your favourite 7 Bridges Walk memory?

Way back in 2012, two of my sons, Jack and Ted – eight and 12 at the time - walked with me. We had a great day. But I think just meeting the many people along the way - those walking in memory of or to support their loved ones, their friends, colleagues, classmates all battling the disease. Truly inspiring people.

What's your favourite part of the Walk?
That moment you step foot on the Sydney Harbour Bridge along with thousands of other people, it's powerful knowing we've all come together to raise much-needed funds and awareness for such an important cause.
Why should the community get involved and fundraise?

The harsh reality is too many of us know someone who is battling or has battled cancer. Many have lost their lives and some have come out the other side. We can all do our little bit to support them. I'll see you on one of the 7 Bridges on Sunday 23 October.


Seven News Sydney has partnered with 7 Bridges Walk since the event began. Proud ambassador and Seven News anchor Mark Ferguson will be walking in his 7th event. Mark will be joined again this year by fellow event ambassador, Seven News sports anchor, Mel McLaughlin and Seven News weather reporter, Angie Asimus.


The NSW Government is proud to support this year's 7 Bridges Walk.


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