Tips and tools

Boost your fundraising with these top tips and tools

Do you know the number one reason people donate to charities?

Because they were asked!

It's that simple.

So it goes without saying that the more people you ask to sponsor you, the more you can raise!

So who you could ask? Here are some suggestions:

  • Get things started by making a donation yourself. You will always feel better about asking someone to do something you've already done. If you can afford it, why not kick in $25 and get your fundraising off to a great start!
  • Ask your local butcher, hairdresser, gym or any other local business you visit regularly, to make a donation of $25. Remember you can issue a tax-deductible receipt for any donation over $2.
  • Tell your family what you're planning to do and ask them to kick in $25 each to support you, if they can.
  • Talk your co-workers into sponsoring you $20 each.
  • Negotiate a donation from your boss. Work out a good place to start money-wise and go for it!
  • Find out if your workplace operates a scheme to match what you raise.
  • Mention your plans to people from church, day care, school, etc and ask them to donate $10 each.
  • And last but not least call on your lifelong best friends! Ask them to pay $20 each to see you complete the Seven Bridges Walk.

Just by approaching the people listed above and using your networks you could have already raised around $500.

Match Giving

Asking your employer or workplace for matched funding or a company donation is a great way to double your contribution instantly.

Many companies and organisations are more than willing to support their employees supporting a good cause by matching their fundraising efforts dollar-for-dollar. A number of businesses also have specific budgets for charitable donations. The least you can do is ask. If you need support please contact Cancer Council NSW.