GD, Prospect - I took up the challenge of the Seven Bridges Walk when I was told by my doctor back in 2006 that I had a high cholesterol level. He told me that the best way to get it down was to start losing weight so I started walking. When I saw this event being advertised I thought it would be a good way to help my fitness regime. Well, so far I have lost over 16kgs, I have never felt better, never looked better and this year I have convinced my wife's best friend and her sister to join us on the walk. It truly is a magnificent walk with beautiful views everywhere you look.

MH, St Ives - My daughter and I have done the walk from the first one - she did the first one when she was 13 and did the whole distance - she is 15 now and looking forward to the next one. We did it as our family, like so many others have been affected by Cancer. My Father and her Grandfather has recovered from Cancer and it was our way of showing we supported his battle. She is excited to do the walk again this year and she was also excited that the feedback we gave after the first 2 walks was adopted by the organisers - they were to utilise Scout Halls and Parks for fundraising BBQs and Coffee stops on the walk (they did do this on the second year) and the other suggestion we made was that you could donate before the walk on line simply for convenience - this was available for this year. I am sure we were not the only ones who suggested the improvements - but we felt good that we listened to.

AB, Epping - My main reason for participating in this wonderful event is to show my appreciation for the excellent work that all our sponsor charities do for the whole community. It is also a great way to get outside, walk, appreciate our fantastic Sydney and Suburbs and exercise our bodies in the hope of increasing our fitness. I hopefully will be walking this year in a group of 6 friends, including one couple who didn't quiet finish the whole course last year and have thrown out to the challenge to finish this time. My competitiveness is also pushing me again this year, we are not really racing the course though, just having a fun day!

IM, Pyrmont - This will be my first Seven Bridges walk, and I'm walking it with my mother who is coming from Canberra. She was diagnosed with Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis two years ago after suffering crippling immobilising pain in her joints. With treatment and ongoing exercise she has regained much of her mobility and independence, so being able to do this walk together means a lot to us. We hope for a nice sunny day, but will be there either way!

Anon, Kings Langley - Last year my sister and I tried to complete the Seven Bridges Walk, however I was overweight and unfit and only made it half way. Since then I have been seeing a personal trainer twice a week, walking every day and have been eating well - resulting in my losing over 15kgs since the last time I did the walk a year ago. I still have 10kgs to lose but the 7 bridge walk started my journey last year. I am looking forward to doing the walk again this year as it marks a special yearly goal - it was exactly 1 year since I 'woke up' and took on the challenge to truly change my life. My sister and I plan to walk together as we did last year and my husband will also be joining us to offer support.