Hall of Fame

We want to thank these fundraisers for their generous support

Highest Fundraiser Team 2015

Fortians and Friends - $21,154.90


The amazing students of Fort St High School and their friends came together to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Council NSW. As a school community they have lost many people to this terrible disease. So they decided to put on their walking shoes, lead by example and show that the youth of today can make a difference and a positive change for the present and future. They raised an amazing $21,154.90 - a big thank you to the team!

Highest Individual Fundraiser 2013, 2014 & 2015

Sunil Jassal

$11,040 (2013), $12,038 (2014) and $15,414 (2015)


Sunil Jassal, 13 years old, did the Seven Bridges Walk for the second time in 2014 together with his brother Sameer, and his parents Sharan and Sukhvinder. His grand father was battling cancer and he recently had lost a close family member to cancer. That is why he is working very hard to raise money, and in the hope that he can contribute to finding a cure for cancer soon!

Sunil raised $11,040 in 2013 and $12,038 in 2014. Well done Sunil, you have done an amazing job. Thank you for your generous fundraising efforts.

Highest Fundraiser Team 2013

The Leprechauns - $12,245


With dear family members currently battling cancer, The Leprechauns felt there was no time like the present to take on the challenge of the 27k Seven Bridges walk - dressed as leprechauns!

Their aim was to raise as much as they could to try to help the Cancer Council find a cure for this disease. Their walk was in honour of loved ones that were fighting hard and those they have lost and miss dearly. They raised an incredible $12,245 for the Cancer Council NSW. A big thank you to The Leprechauns!

Highest Fundraiser Team 2012

The Beck Family - $5,680


The Beck family signed up for the Seven Bridges Walk because they believed the Cancer Council NSW was a fantastic cause to raise money for. Also, as they had recently moved to Sydney it was a great opportunity for them to have an active family day out while exploring the beautiful Sydney Harbour.

They raised $5680 by emailing all their contacts. Peter Beck: "No one gets offended when asking to support a good cause".